New knowledge platform – Energy Transition in China

On behalf of GIZ, AKRYL recently launched a new knowledge platform aiming to support the energy transition in China and Germany.

Using innovative technology and featuring a user-friendly design, the platform seeks to strengthen the technical exchange between Germany and China and supports the dissemination of information regarding the energy transition in China, such as sharing best practices and lessons learned.

The platform was jointly established by the Sino-German Energy Partnership, German Energy Transition Expertise for China, and the Sino-German Climate Partnership. The partners aim to expand the usage of renewable energy and to increase energy efficiency in housing and industrial complexes. Moreover, a central objective of the initiative is to further the energy transition in local contexts.

Well aware of the importance of renewables and a successful energy transition in both Europe and Asia, AKRYL proudly helped to launch the web presence of this timely and important initiative.