AKRYL at the Young Professionals Seminar of the German Chamber of Commerce in China

On March 31, 2016, AKRYL was invited to talk about social media and new media in China at the Young Professionals Seminar of the German Chamber Commerce China.

Karsten Luc, Co-Founder of AKRYL, presented the latest social media and internet developments in China. Besides highlighting some digital marketing case examples at AKRYL, Luc also demonstrated to the Young Professionals audience how social media is deeply interlinked with websites, search engines, big data technologies, and hardware such as mobile devices. Morever, he presented specific social media research data from Sina Weibo. These data could be in particular interesting to foreign embassies or foreign government institutions working in China. Lastly, Luc pointed out the many challenges foreign companies – who strongly rely on their own digital marketing efforts – are currently facing amid new regulations in China such as the online publishing law or cybersecurity law.

At the second half of the event, the second speaker, Thomas Grazani from WalktheChat, gave an overview of WeChat’s newest functions and provided some helpful tips on how to effectively do marketing on WeChat. In contrast to Luc’s introduction of Weibo’s public discussions, Grazani showed how Tencent is building a closed, service-oriented ecosystem with WeChat.

Both presentations sparked a lot of interests among the Young Professionals as many interesting questions were asked during the discussion round at the end of the event. AKRYL wants to thank the organizers and all the participants for this successful event.